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Episode 144: Stop Should’ing on Yourself!

October 04, 2023 Connie Stapleton, Ph.D. Episode 144
BariAftercare: The Podcast
Episode 144: Stop Should’ing on Yourself!
Show Notes

What does SHOULD’ing on yourself even mean? It means you’re being rigid, causing yourself, guilt and tension, and imposing additional obligations on yourself… by virtue of using the word SHOULD. Using shame-provoking words like “should,” “must,” “ought” and “have to” decreases motivation and decreases self-esteem… and increases stress, which, as I hear from patients every day, is one of the leading causes of a return to unhealthy eating habits… unhealthy eating habits leads to weight gain/regain. Therefore, we need to stop should’ing on ourselves… and on others, as well! Listen in and learn more about how this form of negative self-talk leads you away from your goals of living at a healthier weight and living a fuller life!



Book: The How of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky

Book: A Philospher’s Notes: On Optimal Living, Creating an Authentically Awesome Life, and Other Such Goodness

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