BariAftercare: The Podcast

Episode 138: Your Bariatric HOME Community

August 22, 2023 Connie Stapleton, Ph.D. Episode 138
BariAftercare: The Podcast
Episode 138: Your Bariatric HOME Community
Show Notes

Today I am joined by my favorite co-host and bariatric post-op, Laura Preston. In today’s episode we talk about how finding your bariatric community in today’s climate is so much easier than when she and I entered the bariatric community nearly 2 decades ago! It’s critical as a bariatric patient to find a “home group” if you will, while still following your favorite individuals on social media. IN a home group, you develop relationships with a core group of people you can get to know, to count on to be there for you, to answer questions, to share ideas with, and to learn from. These kinds of bariatric friendships are truly a gift as a post-op! It’s great to have family and friends who support you along your journey, and yet oftentimes, as well-meaning as they are, they may not always really understand what you’re going through. They might also not want to hear about your bariatric journey as often as you’d like to talk about it! BariAftercare is the kind of bariatric home group where you have daily interaction with peers and professionals alike. AND, you can basically join BariAftercare for a full year for $5 if you sign up for my online 10-week class called Gain While You Lose, which begins on September 11th. Listen in to learn the details! This is the best win-win situation of the year!



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