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Episode 127: The Scale: Friend or Foe?

June 15, 2023 Connie Stapleton, Ph.D. Episode 127
BariAftercare: The Podcast
Episode 127: The Scale: Friend or Foe?
Show Notes

The scale… for some, this box of springs, pins, and gears shoved into a stainless steel or aluminum case… is a source of neutral information that can help them make behavioral adjustments in order to lose, maintain, or even gain weight (can you imagine…)? For others, the scale is the equivalent of a ferocious monster capable of mass emotional destruction should it display a number dreaded by the eyes of the beholder. For years, researchers have debated over the optimal frequency of weighing oneself to get maximum weight loss results… is it daily, or weekly… or perhaps not at all? In this episode I’ll share what the research says and discuss the pros and cons of weighing daily, weekly, or not at all! The most important message in this episode is that your success as a post-op, is NOT measured on any scale, but in terms of improved health, a better quality of life, and DO-ing the things you want to do in your life! Be sure to check out the complete BariAftercare program at


5 reasons you need to stop weighing yourself now by Cameron Evans
How Often Should You Weigh Yourself? by  Edward Abramson Ph.D.
Daily Weighing May Help Manage Your Weight by Linda Wasmer Andrews
The Tyranny of the Scale by Donna Fish, L.C.S.W-R


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